Dr. Konstantin Buteyko

dr-konstantin-buteykoKonstantin Pavlovich Buteyko was born in a little farming village 150 km from Kiev the 27th of January 1923. From a young age he acquiered his father’s fascination towards machines and began to study to become an engineer. His studies were interrupted by World War II, where Konstantin Buteyko ended up serving at the front. After World War II he began to study what he called “the most complicated machine”, the human body. He enrolled to study Medicine in Moskov in 1946, and it was during these studies that he came across the discovery that would later affect the rest of his life’s work, namely that hidden hyperventilation was the primary cause of asthma and many other diseases that we don’t have a clear cause for.

In 1953 Dr. Buteyko was assigned the task of observing the breathing of critically ill patients and he quickly began to see a connection between how much they breathed and how close they were to pass away. This observation gave rise to a total reconsideration of breathing and he discovered that many so-called incurable diseases could become better if you changed your breathing. Over the years, Dr. Buteyko developed a special breathing method that would eliminate hidden hyperventilation and ever since this method has helped thousands of people with asthma, allergy, rhinitis and many other diseases – just by changing the breathing. Konstantin Buteyko passed away on May 2nd, 2003, leaving behind a life work that continues to help people everywhere in the world.

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